That was much better than expected!

12 February 2018

It was Gill’s turn to ski with me today as Millie and Katie had a date with Russell, who skis with them at least one day every holiday. They are a scary threesome and they had a fantastic morning up at the Fornet. Thanks Russell!

It was jolly cold again today with a nasty northerly wind blowing and part of the job this morning was to stay as warm as possible. About 10 to 15 centimetres of snow fell overnight and the day started off fairly overcast but at least we had a cushion of new snow to work with. Chris and I were heading to Tignes for a change of scenery but once we felt the wind and the snow we realised that certain exposures had a lot more snow than anticipated we immediately doubled back into the lee and had a wonderful morning with great snow, ambience and only chamois for company. (See photos) I’m back to ‘code-mode’ as this little top-up of snow is all we’re going to get and it was good enough this morning for two runs before returning in the afternoon with Dave and his daughters Tilly and Emilia. Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas were up at the Fornet skiing some Fornet ‘classic’s’ (that’s all you get on that one as well) and everyone had a fantastic morning.

I saw Thomas at the end of the afternoon at the top of the Marmottes as we were both looking for a ‘last-minute-trick’ to finish off the afternoon and we found a few bonus turns before cutting back to the piste..

The girls are out ice-skating and trying to milk their last few days to the last drop and their friends Josh and Jas are having a brilliant time!

It’s forecast to be bitterly cold tomorrow but at least the sun should be shining. Dress up warm and stay tuned!

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