Sunny but cold!

13 February 2018

Radio Val announced -21C this morning on the top of Bellevarde at 7AM so needless to say it was a little chilly and a day for staying in the sun! All the boys did just that and everyone managed the morning in great snow and interesting places and those of us who ‘skinned’ even ended up shedding a layer or two. It warmed up significantly by the end of the morning but the air temperature remained cold in the shade.

A big plaque popped out of the Marmottons/Marmottes last night in the middle of the night when it was -20C so we’ll need to be careful around the ‘stretch’ marks that can seen all over the mountain. Once it starts to warm up again some of those ‘hanging’ plaques are just waiting to go.

Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow so we’ll enjoy that before the clouds roll back in on Thursday. Stay tuned!

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