If yesterday looked like a possible ‘stinker’, this morning didn’t exactly inspire either.

02 February 2009

If yesterday looked like a possible ‘stinker’, this morning didn’t exactly inspire either. But, true to ‘Alpine’ tradition, we all made the best of it and actually had a really good morning. TJ and Chris took Bonnevie’s drag (everything else was closed due to wind) and skied the Lavachet en-route to the Sache, where TJ did a short ‘skin’ to ski some lovely snow. I had Ray and Gill so we skied some great piste mixed with a little technique, a hot chocolate, and viewed some race training from the chairlift before skiing home via the ‘avalanche run’. Funny that the ‘avalanche run’ has avalanched since we skied it yesterday. Anyway, I guess it has its nickname for a reason! It was only a little slip about ten metres wide but it was plenty deep enough. Andreas had a carving session this afternoon with some Vikings and that’s all folks on the skiing front. TJ injured himself yesterday but true to form, he shook it off and got on with it again today. As Rob would say, “he’s a major dude”. And my day started in terrific fashion when Millie and I logged-on at 6AM to watch the highlights of the Steelers brilliant last-minute win against Arizona in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately Gill’s Mum Liz was snowed in in Surrey with 35cm’s of fresh powder in her garden, and didn’t make her flight. She’d planned to visit and catch the ambience of the World Championships but she may be able to come later in the week. Hopefully she’ll bring her powder with her!

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