That was seriously good!

04 March 2018

Wow, what a stunning morning of ‘maximum-turn’ skiing that was! After two days of snow and very flat-light light the sun was out and we really let rip. My team opened up with a two-stop run under the Pyramid and Vallon lifts while waiting for the Signal to open, and we knew then that we were on for a big one! Then they opened the Signal right in front of us and we were the first into the Grand Vallon for another two-stopper. Then we came back up and skied the Grand Vallon again and Penny counted a 77-turn pitch. From there we traversed into the Combe du Signal to get a ‘clean’ line and skied it top-to-bottom without stopping. After 110-turns Jean skied up and wasn’t even out of breath, bravo Jean! All of this took place by 10:30 and I can’t ever remember a better hour-and-a-half’s skiing. From there we headed up to the Glacier and although the snow wasn’t nearly so good upstairs, it was plenty good enough and we skied the Combe du 3300, the Combe du Geant from the T-Bar, and then the Col Pers to finish. Blimey, it was good!

Meanwhile Chris was at the Fornet as well having a wonderful time, as was Thomas who was skiing with Muriel and a cousin, and Andreas started with the Tour du Charvet before heading up to join us at the Fornet, and everyone had one of those special mornings that will take some beating!

Thanks to Wilkie, Simon and Tony who stopped to help Thomas find his ski in the Vallonnet. Nice to see there is such a thing as friends on a powder day! Mind you, it was at the end of the morning and everyone was cooked!

We should see a little more snow tonight but unfortunately the next few days are forecast to be overcast. Fingers crossed for enough vis to enjoy ourselves. Stay tuned!

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