What a morning of 'left-overs'!!!

05 March 2018

After track damage from yesterday’s powder extravaganza along with wind damage and a forecasted grey day, today turned out to be another fantastic result and miles better than anticipated. We had an ‘Alpine’ team ski this morning as Chris, Andreas, Thomas and I all headed the same way and skied variations in the same sectors. After a nice little tester and warm-up off the Verte we skied the Lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes, and then a team trip through Andreas’ Garden. Although the Chardonnet had been skied there were enough ‘clean’ lines to give everyone excellent shots in great snow and a fantastic top-to-bottom run, but about a half-hour after we passed through Andreas’ Garden was absolutely trashed! From there we enjoyed some superb ‘bonus’ turns off the Tourne en-route to the Sache/Sachette. My team skied the Sachette Couloir, while Chris and Thomas continued on to the Sachette while Andreas had skied the Sache from the first Col. It was good right to the bottom and Thomas decided to keep skiing and headed for a Cocaine Nord while I finished with a Funky Familial near the ‘hole’, Chris finished with the Altiport and Andreas finished Little Spatule way. Boy, for a morning of ‘left-overs’ it was absolutely superb, and fun to have the team in the same neighbourhood! (See photos)

Light snow and grey skies are forecast for the next few days, but today was supposed to be rubbish as well, so stay positive and stay tuned!

PS Ghiselle is in town at the moment with her sister Isadora and her Mum and they are very touched by the support from the Alpine Experience family who have rallied around. Please keep those donations rolling in for such a great cause, and a great family!

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