After a slightly murky start the skies cleared and we ended up having a great morning.

04 February 2009

After a slightly murky start the skies cleared and we ended up having a great morning. We all headed to the Fornet again as there is no doubt that the best snow in the resort is in that sector after the big winds. Chris, TJ and I all took our groups to the Glacier Pers, where we started with a 110-turn pitch. Considering the wind we’ve had the snow was excellent, ranging from 30cm’s of lovely soft snow to slightly ‘stiffer’ snow in places, but nothing that stopped us from skiing through it and leaving great ‘Alpine’ tracks. Chapeau to Jean R who left round tracks without ‘rail’ marks in some of the trickier snow. Bravo Jean! Jean had some injections as well in his touring boots and is extremely pleased with the results. Andreas had an all-day private with some Vikings and he started off at the Fornet as well and will have been pleased with the sun appearing to make his day more enjoyable. Tonight we have a ‘drinks and nibbles’ party at the shop with the Jean Sports crew, which should be good fun. On the Sports Front, I’m over the moon with the Steelers 6th Super Bowl and also the fact that West Ham went through the transfer window without selling off our team. What a relief! In fact we even made a potentially shrewd and significant signing. Anyway, four hours later, the Jean Sports evening went really well and a demain.

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