The 'bonus' days just keep coming!

06 March 2018

We seem to have had quite a few days during the past couple of weeks where the visibility has been much better than forecast, which makes our lives guiding so much easier, and today we were lucky enough again to have enough light to navigate and make the most of the skiing. It was the third day after the last sunny day and with the resort tracked out we revisited some of yesterday’s itineraries with some variations thrown in, and I thought it was a fantastic morning under the circumstances. It was another ‘Alpine’ team ski although we didn’t see too much of each other and we skied the Lower Lavachet, which was excellent, the Sachette and various Sachette couloirs, which were very good indeed, and a Familial with great snow to finish. It was another ‘bonus’ day and considering how tracked out the resort is along with the overcast skies it was a brilliant morning out! Bravo boys!

It’s great to have the Wing Commander Ian Noble back after a year out, along with Stephen C, Craig, Frans, Adrian and Al, and I must say I’ve quite a team this week. They can all ski, the banter is top notch, and no one is spared a ribbing if any faffing takes place. And we do seem to have some faffing so it’s a good laugh!

Very little snow was forecast but it seems to have snowed quite nicely during the day and I think we should be in for a really good day tomorrow, especially if we get lucky with the visibility. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS I ran into Simon and his friends in the Familial today. Simon is fantastic when I go into ‘code-mode’ and play Where’s Wayne. His hit rate is incredible!

PPS And thanks to Johnnie Alpine for a fabulous dinner last night followed by a stunning football match. Brilliant!

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