Our luck held out again!

07 March 2018

After two consecutive days in Tignes I felt it was time for a change of scenery and headed up o the Fornet with Chris and Thomas. For the first half hour it seemed like perhaps we’d gone the wrong direction but the skies started to clear and with the added visibility we ended up have a brilliant morning on the Pissaillas Glacier. We started with a Lower Combe du Signal before hiking up from the Col Poma to access the nice slopes back down toward the little pond, and the snow quality was excellent. At this stage the light was very flat and I almost skied off a cornice but saw it in time and stopped and Craig made the mistake of skiing below me and came about 10 cm’s from skiing off the edge. There’s a good lesson to be learned there but all’s well that ends well! We then skied the Combe du 3300 before the sun came out for two fantastic runs in the Pays Desert. Thomas finished off over the Col while Andreas and Henry skied in Tignes. Henry skied around my shoulder while Andreas skied the Borsat, Chardonnet and I’m not too sure what else.

I had the pleasure of skiing with Giles’ daughters Ghiselle and Isadora today and I’m skiing with them again tomorrow before bringing them to the Danois for the Guinea Pigs. Hope to see you there! And hopefully we’ll get some visibility because there is some great skiing to be had but today was another much appreciated ‘bonus’ day as enough light filtered through, and just when we needed it most! We’ve been jolly lucky this week and long may it last. Stay tuned!

PS And a big Happy Birthday to Jean Ribart! You were sensational last Sunday Jean and I look forward to many more skis with you in the future!

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