That was a 'perfect' day!

08 March 2018

That was about as ‘perfect’ a day as it’s possible to have. The skiing this morning was absolutely exceptional as Team ‘Alpine’ headed towards the deeper snow in Tignes and with fresh snow and clear blue skies it was a ‘maximum-turn’ session of the highest calibre! Thomas and I warmed up with a fantastic Kern followed by the Borsat while Chris and Andreas started with the Borsat and headed to the Chardonnet. We also had a great skiing off the Motte, a wonderful run on the big face of the Balme and a brilliant funky Familial near the hole. The photos tell it all and I’ll them do the talking as it’s getting late now.

This afternoon I had a brilliant time skiing with Ghiselle and Isadora as I introduced the girls to off-piste skiing with three runs in the Grand Vallon. It was wonderful to be out there on our own and the girls really enjoyed it.

Then to top off a wonderful day the Guinea Pigs were on fire and were absolutely brilliant. It was Penny, Frans, Bridgette, Ghiselle, Isadora, Paul G, and Craig and family’s first time to see the ‘Pigs’ and Paul and Hugo didn’t disappoint. The place was rocking and it was great to see so many people enjoying themselves. I was pretty wound up afterwards so I took myself for a quick burger at the Roxy Burger Bar before coming home to do the blog and write my Valdinet piece for tomorrow morning as well. Today could not have been better unless Gill, Millie and Katie were here to share it. It won’t be long now girls! Stay tuned!

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