What a dire end to the day!

10 March 2018

It was another tricky day but at least everyone was prepared for it this morning. After a test off the Verte and Borsat it was evident that we needed to get as high as possible so Chris, Andreas and I all headed to the Motte via some excellent piste. The pistes on the Grande Motte were fantastic and we tried a run down towards the Liesse from the summit and although the snow was of good quality the tracks from yesterday chucked us about a little bit and the skiing wasn’t very comfortable. We then had an excellent ski on the other side before ‘skinning’ back out and we returned home via the pistes.

I had the pleasure of skiing with Biggy and his lovely daughter Maya this afternoon and we had a great time and were lucky enough to enjoy some moments in the sun, and what a difference that made! I took my Blizzard’s out for a spin this afternoon and had a great time on them. My Vertex are wonderful in soft snow but I’ve been struggling on piste with them when the snow is a little grabby, and I must get Jean Sports to sort them out for me because they’ve never been quite right.

Thanks to Chris and Suzanne for a fantastic evening last night with Bridgette, Ghiselle, Isadora, and Paul G. It’s been great to see the girls and spend some time with them and Giles would have been extremely proud of how is girls have grown up and the young ladies that they’ve become. I look forward to seeing you again soon and good luck with the Marathon Ghiselle!

I’ve just ruined my day by checking the West Ham score and it looks as if we’ll be playing in the Championship next season. Mind you, it’s what we deserve and seems to be about our level!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and it looks as if we’re in for a tough day! Woe is me!

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