Slim pickings but a good morning!

11 March 2018

After a stunning day on Thursday we’ve had three of the toughest consecutive days that I can remember in years. Friday was deep but skiable in places but Saturday and Sunday have given us very few options and with extremely poor visibility, meaning no visibility, it hasn’t been easy! Chris and I headed up to the Motte where we hooked up with Thomas where we had a couple of nice runs on the piste before a little excursion with a ‘skin’ out, while Andreas tried his luck at the Fornet, but I’ve had no news.

I ran into Matt and Ellie’s daughter Jesse the other day and it was the first time I’ve seen her all season. She is having a fantastic time and is working in the Arctic Cafe if you want to drop in and say hello. Millie is playing in a golf match this afternoon, the Juniors v the Men so good luck to her and Katie is waiting for the rain to stop so she get start using her trampoline again!

It is forecast to snow between 15 and 30cm’s at altitude before tomorrow so fingers crossed and we could be back in business. Stay tuned!

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