Good call Andreas!

12 March 2018

After three extremely tough days in a row we weren’t really expecting too much of a change this morning but after a ‘test’ off the Verte we knew that the snow quality was significantly better and we were in for a good morning. What we didn’t realise was how good the steep slopes were and Andreas decided to try the Borsat Nord from the top so the rest of us kept him company and the skiing was excellent and totally opened our possibilities. From there Chris and I skied Andreas’ Garden with him, which was excellent, while Thomas went up to the Motte and had four fantastic rotations on Wayne’s Shoulder. Andreas then circled back to the Motte to join Thomas while Chris and I had a very good and atmospheric run on the big face of the Balme, and the sun popped out momentarily just when we needed it! After some meadows below the Cairn we finished with a good Familial and it was a cracking morning and the contrast to the past few days was remarkable.

I was on my way to Bourg for a big shop but the left-rear wheel on my car was making some noises so I turned around and will drop it off at the garage when it opens after lunch. The wheel was probably making those noises on the way back from the airport but I had Led Zeppelin cranked up so load I couldn’t hear it. Fingers crossed that it isn’t a serious and expensive problem.

Millie had a brilliant time at her golf match yesterday and she was very pleased with herself for playing four-under her handicap and single-handedly holding the Men off until they finally lost on the 17th hole. (Her partner had a non-productive day!) With the winter conditions the Men were teeing off at pretty much the same spot as the Ladies so she wasn’t getting any advantage as the Men’s course was significantly shorter while the Ladies remained the same. Bravo Mils! After all the rain the sun popped out and Katie managed 45-minutes on her trampoline, which made her day. And I’d like to say hello to Josh who has become a regular reader of the blog since his trip here in February and to Millie’s friend Connie as well.

I’d better think about taking my car in to the garage, what a bummer! Stay tuned as the snow is falling and we should be in for a fantastic day tomorrow!

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