Another cracking good morning in Tignes!

13 March 2018

It’s a quick one tonight as I’m pressed for time.

We had some unexpected sun filtering through to kick-start the day and with another cushion of fresh snow we had a fantastic morning. Andreas and Thomas had a Couloir morning and with fresh snow and no tracks they had a great time. Thomas had a couple of boarders who needed to be ‘gravity-fed’ and that’s exactly what Thomas gave them! Meanwhile Chris and I had a lovely warm-up before skiing the Campanules, Chardonnet, Tourne, Sache and a Funky Familial to finish. (See photos)

I was supposed to have an initiation off-piste session this afternoon for Adrian’s 40th birthday but I arrived on the summit of Bellevarde to a ‘white-out’, the wind was blowing, and anything in close had been tracked this morning during the bright period, so I put it off until tomorrow when we are expecting bright blue skies and I can take Adrian and his pal Fergus over the Col. That seems like a more interesting birthday present than what was on offer this afternoon!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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