What a contrast!

15 March 2018

It was a tough morning as the light was flat, the wind was howling, and you couldn’t have much more of a contrast to the stunning day we all enjoyed yesterday. But, with that said we did have some moments as the Little Lavachet was pretty jolly good with just enough ‘education’ in it to demand some application, and the big slopes in the Sache were good skiing as well. By this time we were getting reports about the Fornet sector being closed due to wind and we realised that we were in a good spot and had had as good a morning as possible. Chris, Andreas, Thomas and I were all skiing together today and it was the type of morning where it was nice to have some company.

I’ve paperwork to catch up on before dropping my skis into Didier to have them sorted as they came out of the factory in poor condition and need some work, then a quick trip to the gym before my weekly session with the Guinea Pigs at La Petit Danois. Maybe see you there!

Stay tuned and better weather is forecast for tomorrow.

PS I’ve only posted two photos today!

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