It cleared up halfway through the morning!

16 March 2018

We were anticipating blue skies this morning but we started off in flat-light and had to deal with some difficult visibility at times up to around 10:30 before the cloud cover started to break up. I skied the Combe du Signal twice with poor vis, then had an excellent run out wide in the Pays Desert where Matt and Milly used ‘skins’ for the first time, and the skies cleared just as we were ready to ski the big slopes back down to the poma, then we finished with a great run over the Col Pers in the sunshine. Chris was in the neighbourhood and Andreas skied the Combe du Signal before going over the Col to ‘skin’ to the Glacier Pers and had the sun come out just in time while Thomas skied the Pays Desert, Col Pers and Vallonnet. Henry was up on the Pissaillas as well and all the teams had a great morning and were thankful for the skies clearing so that we could finish the morning in sunshine.

The Guinea Pigs were terrific again last night and Corrine came along, as did the Farrer family and friends, Chrissy, Paul G, Johnnie Alpine, Al and Louise, Jim A, and my great pal Biggy and his lovely daughter Maya. It was several people’s first time to the ‘Pigs’ and it’s was great to watch people who don’t dance either dancing or trying their best not to! Even Biggy was dangerously close to dancing and thanks Biggy for a lovely meal in the Grande Ourse afterwards. What a way to finish the day! My boarder client Nick, who is a great guy, was there with his pals as well and they had a brilliant time.

I’m very sorry to have lost Dean this morning somewhere between leaving the Gourmandine and getting on the bus and arriving at the Fornet. Dean is a fantastic guy and was really looking forward to the morning and I can’t believe I lost him before we even got started. Sorry Dean!

I went down to Bourg this afternoon for the first time in a month and the contrast between our white winter wonderland and the spring-like feel down below was quite amazing. Spring is just around the corner up here ad well and I’d love to have some sunshine in April as it’s been a tough winter visibility-wise. Grey ski and snow is forecast for the next four or five days so it’s back into the flat-light again tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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