Great visibility equals brilliant skiing!

18 March 2018

The Meteo France Avalanche’s weather forecast is usually pretty good and this morning it was spot on and we had the predicted visibility that made all the difference. We had a ‘maximum-turn’ morning with just a ten-minute ‘skin’ thrown in and the snow quality was excellent. I warmed-up off the Laisinant before skiing the Grand Vallon, Combe du Signal onto the shoulder, the Pays Desert (with ‘skin’) and the Col Pers to finish a terrific morning. Chris, Andreas and Thomas were all up at the Fornet skiing much the same itineraries and we all had a fantastic time.

I had Katie along today for her first-ever ‘Alpine’ morning and it was great to have her along. She speaks excellent French, which pleased Jean, is a cracking good skier, and appreciates the beauty of team tracks. Well done Katie, you can ski with us anytime!

Chris reported an accident around the Laisinant at the end of the morning and it didn’t look good with pisteurs, gendarmes, and a helicopter. Chris thinks someone was killed and that it was probably a piste accident of some sort, which normally means a collision, and collisions are a totally avoidable accident!

Thanks to Derek and Mario for turning me onto gin and tonic’s at the Baraque last night. I didn’t realise how many different gins there are along with various tonics, and last night we had Italian gin, not too sure about the type of tonic, with slices of grapefruit. Bloody hell they were good! The boys had to leave for supper but I ended up staying for another 45-minutes nursing my drink and listening to the most excellent band. They are playing again tonight if you fancy some brilliant music in a very civilized bar.

It snowed overnight in the UK again and Millie had her Surrey Girl’s Golf day cancelled, which is a real bummer because she really looks forward to them. The girls arrive on March 28th for 17-days and I can hardly wait. Fingers crossed that we get some sunshine in April. Stay tuned!

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