A 'maximum-turn' extravaganza!

19 March 2018

Wow! That had to be one of the biggest ‘maximum-turn’ sessions that I can remember in a very long time. The day started off overcast and a little gloomy but with a promise of clearer skies at altitude and by the end of the morning the visibility was pretty good everywhere. With some more fresh snow overnight the extravaganza started straight out of the Olympique with some lovely warm-up turns to the Borsat. I then circled in high for an excellent Borsat Nord and meadows into Tignes, then 6 brilliant rotations on my shoulder with sunshine and great snow, and no one else around! Thomas arrived for a couple of rotations before we skied a cracking Cairn, followed by two very good runs in the Campanules and a Funky Familial to finish. I’m still buzzing as it was a wonderful morning. (see photos)

Chris, Andreas and Thomas all started with the Borsat Nord before heading to the Chardonnet, which was ‘sensational’, before Andreas and Thomas circled back up to the Motte while Chris skied the big face of the Balme. It was huge smiles all around and as good of ‘bonus’ morning as you’ll ever get.

It is late March and you can feel the power of the sun anytime it pops out, and the immediate impact is that the snow will start to crust up and take away options. Usually we have the option of some spring snow to mix in with our powder but so far we haven’t had enough consecutive sunny days to get even close to the snow transforming. We’ll need to stay north tomorrow and after a lot of ‘track-damage’ today a little walking might be necessary. That is if we can see! Stay tuned!

PS And thank you all for your generous contributions towards Ghiselle’s Marathon run!

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