Yet another tough looking morning from the bedroom window......

06 February 2009

Yet another tough looking morning from the bedroom window turned out to be a really cracking good ski. TJ and Andreas headed Tignes-way towards the better visibility and TJ had a great ski mixing piste and off-piste on a confidence building mission, while Andreas gave Roger and Wendy C heaps skiing the Borsat, Chardonnay, Sache and Spatule. Chris and I turned into the storm as it has been snowing more at the Fornet-end of the resort and we were rewarded with decent visibility and really good snow. We skied the Grand Vallon and Combe du Signal before heading over the Col and through the gorge. We then doubled back for some bits and pieces en-route to Les Tufs. Unfortunately Gill missed the morning as Katie was ill during the night a couldn’t go to school today. The girls are on holiday now for two weeks and Millie has started off by bringing her new boyfriend home to play on the terrace. (Better than the bedroom I guess) Anyway, good girl Millie! The forecast has been revised and only 10cm’s are forecast tonight, but anything will do as the skiing has been very good of late and each little top-up helps.

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