Katie's first Chardonnet and Sachette!

01 April 2018

And yet again we profited from just enough light to have a real go again this morning but the 20cm’s of fresh snow to go with it was a brilliant bonus. Everything we skied was excellent this morning starting off the Verte, then the Borsat, Chardonnet, little Tourne, Sachette and Familial to finish. All the boys were in and around the same areas and a great morning was enjoyed by all.

Gill is loving it now that Katie can join in the morning groups and she’s had some lovely mornings off-piste instead of skiing bumpy, icy pistes while trying to avoid people. She’s getting her skiing ‘mojo’ back and will be able to really look forward to ski trips again after spending most of the last few seasons on piste.

And the Hammers made my day yesterday with a fantastic performance and even better result. It was good enough for Hammer fans everywhere to start believing again. What a relief but there’s still a long way to go.

I’ve my Valdinet blog due tomorrow morning and I haven’t started yet so I better get at it. Stay tuned!

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