Tough morning but good fun!

03 April 2018

It had to be one of the toughest mornings of the season with next to zero options, but I must say I had a really good time. The weather was nowhere near as bad as forecast, which helped when we were expected pouring rain and strong winds, and the light was pretty good for most of the morning. It was calm enough on top for the Grande Motte cable-car to be running, which was a pleasant surprise as the Motte pistes were in great shape. We skied excellent pistes all morning as anything off the piste at lower altitudes than the Grande Motte was ‘wishbone’ snow, but Chris and I did a couple of off-piste sorties off the Motte with ten-minute ‘skins’ at the end.

Gill came along this morning as Millie and Katie had their first non-supervised ski together and they had a brilliant time being responsible for themselves and choosing where to ski. They have actually skied on their own before a few years ago when they played hooky from ski school and went off with their pals Maya and Anna!

I mentioned to Andy today about last season when he was here and we skied the Combe du Signal in knee-deep powder, and it turns out that he used one of the photos I took of him that day on his ‘dating’ site and got a hit with it! I was pleased to hear that one of my photos was put to good use!

Must run, stay tuned for an easier day tomorrow!

PS I’ve just spent an hour hot-waxing the all of our skis out on the terrace, five pairs in total. It’s that time of year where waxing because even more important although Chris waxes his skis almost daily all season long. Besides stopping your skis from drying out and becoming slow it makes them much easier to turn as well. (I don’t scrape them as that makes too much of a mess!) Jean Sports has everything you need to wax your own skis and if you can’t I’d suggest taking your skis in for a hot-wax every few days.

PPS And thank you to everyone from ‘Alpine’ who has donated so generously to Ghiselle’s London Marathon run in memory of her Dad Giles and to support the Brain Tumour Cancer fund.

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