What a day!

07 February 2009

What a day! Radio Will reported a high of -12C at 3000metres and cloud cover all morning long and instead we had great visibility, a fabulous ski, and a Canadian from Calgary winning the Gold Medal in the Downhill. TJ, Andreas, and I headed to the Fornet (fourth day in a row for me as it’s been so good) and we weren’t disappointed. After a couple of excellent runs on the Glacier (and I mean excellent), Andreas and I decided to ‘skin’ up to the Point Pers, which was absolutely stunning. The snow was perfect all the way to the gorge and we started with a 86-turn pitch in forty centimetres of great snow. The entrance was intimidating but we managed without any problems and then it was memorable skiing to say the least. I must say how proud of John and Margaret I was, handling the entrance then laying perfect tracks from top-to-bottom. Ray said, “God, I hope I’m capable of that type of skiing when I’m 71-years-of-age.” Andreas had Sacha and Jeremy Robinson (David’s children) and it was their first time to the Point Pers and they were similarly impressed and their smiles said it all. Then to top it all off, Geoff D radioed me on the way out of the gorge to tell me a Canadian had won the downhill! Brilliant! I sang ‘Oh Canada’ to myself walking down the high-street and was absolutely buzzing. What a day! PS Weather report – It has snowed most of the afternoon and tomorrow is looking good.

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