What a cracking good morning!

04 April 2018

After a tough day yesterday we weren’t really expecting too much of an improvement this morning but you never know until you ‘touch’ the snow, and from the moment I tested the snow off the Verte we knew it was game on and that we had some options besides returning to altitude at the Grande Motte. After skiing supporting snow off the Verte we cut into the Borsat from under the chair and had some pretty good soft snow on the steeper section before skiing supporting snow lower down. Chris and I took the bus to the Palafour en-route to the Sachette while Andreas skied the Lower Chardonnet that allowed him to test the snow on the Lower Tourne, which was positive so we skied the Tourne from the top, which was excellent spring snow that added a lovely ‘extra’ to the morning. The Sachette wasn’t as supporting as we’d hoped but it still skied well and everyone had a much better morning than anticipated at the Gourmandine, and we managed to stay in the sun all morning long! Bravo boys for a cracking morning!

Hopefully we’ll get some snow tonight followed by some sunshine in the morning and we should have a pretty good morning, and the spring snow is happening and we should have some good spring options over the weekend. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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