A brilliant morning at the Fornet!

05 April 2018

It’s late so it’s a short one today.

We had a good snowfall last night and profited from some fantastic skiing at the Fornet. My team skied a warm-up under the Vallon bubbles, then two wonderful runs in the Combe di Signal before heading up to the Glacier where we skied one under the Cascade chair followed by three or four in the Combe du 3300. All the boys were in the neighbourhood and thanks to Thomas and Adam for taking Gill, Katie and Jean along with them. (see photos)

I had a great afternoon with Rory, Ed and Madeline followed by another fantastic session with the Guinea Pigs, where Fay, Jeremy and Zak had a non-stop bop and Gill, Millie Katie, Paul, Jim, Louise, Al, Ellie and the rest of the regulars came along as well.

Stay tune for a proper update tomorrow!

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