A fun morning on the Tour du Balme!

06 April 2018

It was one of those mornings when the mountain is in transition and where I wasn’t sure until the moment I touched the snow whether it was a powder morning or a spring snow morning, but as soon as my tips entered the snow off the Verte it was game-on for a powder morning. Andreas had I had some nice winter snow in the Lower Borsat and an excellent 70-turn pitch before ‘skinning’ up to the Tour du Balme, which is high and north and something we don’t ski very often. The skiing was very good indeed with lovely ambience and afterwards we finished with a run as far north as possible in the Campanules and a warm but fun Familial. It was a great morning and nice to see some different terrain and scenery. Meanwhile Chris headed Sachette way for a winter/spring combo, Thomas went for winter snow towards the Glacier Pers/Gros Cavelle, and Henry started with some spring snow around the Santons and Charvet but I’m not too sure where he ended up. One thing for sure is that we’ll have some great spring options tomorrow!

The girls are on the terrace in t-shirts and shorts for the first time all season. Usually we go for walks along the Balcon in shorts and tank-tops plastered in sun-cream while admiring the flowers but walking in these parts is still a long way off. Andreas did spot a marmot this morning in the Familial so spring isn’t too far off. Stay tuned!

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