A 'Chinese-Combo'!

07 April 2018

We had another sunny day with a light overnight freeze and this morning Chris and I enjoyed a Chinese-combo of spring snow and winter powder. (I hope that’s not too politically incorrect!) We had some great spring snow off the Tourne, in the lower Sache and some superb spring down Toothy Rock with wonderful ambience before skiing the Campanules and a warm Familial. The top of the Sachette gave us some lovely winter powder and it was great to have Gill, Millie and Katie along with Jeremy, Fay, Jerry and Jean. Unfortunately I left my camera behind so I missed some great photo opportunities but it did save me an hour’s work this afternoon! Meanwhile Thomas took the Parker family down to Bonneval for a brilliant outing while Andreas and Henry were off this morning.

The spring snow hasn’t set-up very deep in places yet another hot day will only help to transform the snow, as east isn’t even close to being ‘proper’ spring snow yet. Even though the sun is out the air temperature is still pretty cool for this time of year and the transformation is still pretty minimal on many slopes.

Richard Finlay is in the hospital after being taken out on the piste yesterday. He’s broken five ribs and is going to be sore for a while. Get well soon Richard and fingers crossed it won’t mess up your golf!

I’m having a relaxing afternoon on the terrace with the girls, especially since the Hammers don’t play until tomorrow and I don’t need to worry about their game today. Stay tuned!

PS I forgot to thank Richard and Sylvie for a fantastic evening at their place last Wednesday night. It was great fun and lovely food and one of the best desserts I’ve had all season!

PPS Jerry sent me a few photos from this morning and they’ve just been uploaded. Thanks Jerry!

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