Another difficult day but enjoyable!

09 April 2018

It was grey and windy today and the avalanche risk was bumped up to 4/5 below 2200 metres but even though the re-freeze was minimal there was a solid freeze above 2300/2400 metres. Our options were pretty limited again today and Chris and I skied off the Verte before heading up to the Motte to try the Rosalin. In the back of my mind I thought the snow on the Rosalin had ‘turned’ but being optimistic we went up for a look and sure enough it wasn’t easy so we cut out, skied piste and then took the bus en-route to the Sachette. I’ve now skied the Sachette three days in a row, with different skiers fortunately, but it’s been a great safety valve and has given us a nice off-piste outing and great scenery when there really hasn’t been much else to ski. And hats off to the attitude of all our clients who know the situation and are getting on with making the best of what’s on offer. It makes our jobs so much easier when people are enjoying themselves on difficult days and not moaning and groaning in the background. Thank you all!

Meanwhile Andreas headed up to the Fornet to check out the conditions and had a run in the Pays Desert with a ‘skin’ but things aren’t any easier up there. We’re all hoping for a little snow tonight to clean up the tracks and give us a soft cushion to play with tomorrow, but unfortunately it isn’t forecast to start snowing lightly until around 7AM, which doesn’t really help too much for tomorrow, but may make Wednesday a lot easier. Fingers crossed for some help of some sort!

And what a point for the Hammers yesterday, and just when you think Joe Hart is passed it! Blimey!

ps I’m starting to feel more positive about tomorrow as an easterly wind is blowing, it’s spitting in town and it looks as if something is falling out of the cloud t the Fornet!

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