Difficult again but getting better!

10 April 2018

We had a better freeze last night but it was still grey and windy with limited options but once again everyone had a pretty good morning. I thought Mont Roup would be a good idea today because it would have been smooth and supporting with a nice layer of fresh snow on top but except the Borsat took ages to get going and then we heard a rumour of the Epaule du Charvet piste avalanching, bumps and all, so we decided that sector could wait for another day. Instead we skied some nice piste en-route to the Sachette for the fourth-day-in-a-row. It’s been a great help during this difficult period as it’s out of the wind, has the best light in the resort and the snow has been jolly good, especially today where we had winter snow in the couloir and the pitch below and then lovely spring snow all the to the bottom. Thomas and Chris were along while Andreas had an initiation to off-piste with Marchella and Henry had a great time up at the Fornet skiing fresh snow on the piste for the most part. It did come in mid-morning and was snowing pretty hard and by the time we finished in the Funky Familial you could rate it as ‘powder’ skiing and it was a fantastic finish to the morning.

It was Tina’s first morning off-piste today and she did really well skiing with Derek, Gregor, Alex, and Gill. Unfortunately Trevor hit a snow ball left behind by a piste-basher and he had to leave after the first run. Fingers crossed it isn’t too serious and after a day of rest tomorrow that he will be back in action.

We seem to be swamped with Liverpool fans at the moment. There’s Gregor, Alex, Trevor, Natalie and her entire family, and to be honest just about every neutral in the world. It should be a fantastic match tonight!

I spent an hour with Millie at the golf simulator at the Sports Centre and she out hit me with every club. My club speed was higher but so was my launch angle so her ball carried further almost every shot. I’m really looking forward to our summer of golf and watching her improve and we’ll play in about 7 to 10 competitions together. I’d better get my act together so she doesn’t need to carry me!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera again this morning and I missed some brilliant photo ops. I washed my grubby ski suit yesterday so I guess I should feel lucky about getting my ski pass back into its pocket!

It cleared up this afternoon, which is a bummer because some good snow in close will be tracked this afternoon and with the sunshine some slopes will take on a crust. Still, we’ll have some options tomorrow!

And good luck with your hockey tonight Andreas!

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