24 Million!

11 April 2018

I was expecting better today as yesterday’s snowfall was very promising and had everyone excited about today. The problem was the sun coming out yesterday afternoon, which was a great delight to anyone skiing at the time, but at this time of year any afternoon sun does more damage than good and a lot of what was excellent snow was unfortunately ruined. (Extremely strong overnight wind didn’t help much either.) It all started off positively with some lovely snow off the Laisinant and from there we then headed up into the Grand Vallon. The wind was blowing but the top half of the Grand Vallon was jolly good skiing but it started to turn towards the flats and we cut out back to the chairlift. I tried the Combe du Signal next and traversed through crust expecting it to turn back to powder on the northern-side but it didn’t and for the first time ever I did a u-turn and traversed straight back out without even attempting a turn. We then headed up to the Glacier, which was closed so Chris, Andreas and I all skied piste to the bottom and jumped on a bus to change sector, while Thomas and Henry waited it out at the Fornet for the Cascade to open. After taking the Olympique Chris and I skied a good run in spring snow on the Super Santons followed by the Borsat Nord from the top in winter snow with some sunshine and a Funky Familial to finish while Andreas skied the Borsat, Campanules and Familial. Meanwhile the Cascade eventually opened and I’m not too sure how Thomas and Henry got on. I’m sure they had some good snow but it will have depended on wind and visibility.

It depends on what forecast you look at and they vary from 20cm’s tonight with even stronger winds and a chance of sunshine tomorrow to snow for the next few days. Take your pick but we’ll just deal with whatever comes our way in the morning.

And my sports world was in great shape this morning as Liverpool won last night, Barcelona were knocked out by Roma, the Hammers are in a better place, and my baseball friend from Calgary Tom Kingery’s son Scott hit a grand-slam home run last night for the Philadelphia Phillies. Scott is a rookie who’s just broken into the big leagues and signed a 24 million-dollar-contract about two weeks ago. Blimey!

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