Blooming marvelous!

13 April 2018

Wow, what an absolutely fabulous day that was! As Rupert in Andreas’ group simply said, “Epic”! We were all planning on a trip to the Fornet for a change of scenery but so much snow has fallen up there during the past 36-hours and the word was this morning that there would be huge delays in getting the sector open (in fact the entire Val d’Isere lift system except for the Olympique was inexcusably slow today) so we all headed back to Tignes. The snow straight out of the Olympique was a lovely taster and with the Borsat slow to open we had a great run in the Campanules, followed by a cracking run in the Chardonnet, a brilliant run in the Sachette Couloir, another good run in the Campanules and an Altiport to finish off a stunning morning. All the boys were in the neighbourhood and having a brilliant time and it was wonderful to have my girls along again this morning. Both the girls are doing really well and loving the ambience of our off-piste domain.

There was an avalanche today up at the Fornet in the Vallonnet and it was pretty worrying for a time as several helicopters were flying back-and-forth. Last I heard no one was injured so fingers crossed on that one!

Tomorrow is the girls last day, which is a bummer but they’ve had an absolutely fantastic time even though the weather hasn’t been the best. I’ll have had Gill, Millie and Katie skiing together with me for 7-mornings and Katie is loving it. It’s been wonderful for Gill to be able to ski off-piste again as she’s been piste skiing with Katie for the past several seasons (while Millie has taken her place)and since we’re now restricted to school holidays the pistes have been terribly busy, bumpy, icy, and generally not very stimulating. It’s a pleasure for me to have them along and take them to such stunning places and then look back up at perfect ‘Alpine’ tracks that the girls have been part of. Bravo girls!

A little sun is forecast for the girls last morning and then I’m off tomorrow night to Geneva. Stay tuned!

PS And thank you all again for your generous donations for the Brain Tumour Trust and the memory of Giles Green. Go Ghiselle, your dad would be incredibly proud of you!

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