The girls last day!

14 April 2018

After yesterday’s superb extravaganza today was never going to be as easy but we had a jolly good day. There was a very light re-freeze last night and the temperatures are rising so the powder of the past few days is warming up rapidly and we still don’t really have any spring snow options to speak of. After a positive test for winter snow off the Verte Chris and I headed up to the Motte for a Rosalin and meadows, followed by my shoulder, which was warm but worked nicely, en-route to a short ‘skin’ up to the Little Borsat West. We then skied as north as possible in the Campanules before having a nice piste-blast to finish. I thought it was a cracking morning with a good variation of snow types and it was a great last day for the girls who leave this afternoon. Meanwhile Thomas went up to the Fornet and skied the Lechoir a couple of times and reported good skiing but very warm snow up there as well.

I had the pleasure of presenting Inga with her medal for 33 years of fidelity to Val d’Isere last night at the Taverne d’ Alsace. ( I’d forgotten my glasses and needed to concentrate to not stab her with the pin!) Several others were awarded medals as well such as Geoff, Richard C, and Peter W but the big presentation of the night was to Jutta for 50 years of regular skiing in Val d’Isere! It was a lovely evening with several speeches and lots of familiar faces. If you’ve skied for 30 years or more and would like a medal just ask and we can sign your papers. So far I’ve done Paul G, Derek and now Inga and the village puts on a really nice award ceremony. (In fact it may start at 20 years?)

I’m just about to leave to take the girls to the airport. It’s a little sad but they’ve had a brilliant time and Katie is very pleased with herself! Stay tuned!

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