Clean, clean, clean!

17 April 2018

That had to be one of the ‘cleanest’ mornings of spring snow that I can remember for quite some time. I was debating about what to ski this morning and wasn’t sure until the summit of the Olympique when as Dan E would say, “smelt the snow”! Andreas and I hung out together and had an outrageously good ski, and I’m going into ‘code-mode’ for the first three runs of the morning as they were ‘clean’ and no one else was about, and I’m sure we’ll be retracing our steps tomorrow because it really doesn’t get any better! We then stopped for a ’strategic’ coffee on Brigitte’s terrace to wait for the Cungai to soften to perfection followed by the Col de la Madeleine and a Marmottons/Marmottes to finish. Thomas and Chris ‘skinned’ together before Thomas joined Andreas and I for the final half of the ‘classic’ spring tour and Chris went for a ‘sniff’ at the Fornet.

The funny looking photo is of Thomas’ team practicing kick-turns as they’ll need them over the next few days when they go off on a tour.

What a point for the Hammers last night. They will have been disappointed to not have picked up all three points after having three goals disallowed but when you’re losing 1-0 after 89 minutes a point seems like a victory, and what a blow for Stoke!

I’m off for my massage shortly at the Mark Warner Hotel. Thanks Bunny! And thanks to Tilly and Peter for a great evening last night. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS And please keep those donations rolling in for Ghiselle’s Marathon next weekend!

PPS And it’s great to have Jerome working with us this week. He is a lovely guy and always a pleasure to have on the team.

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