Happy Birthday Boys!

18 April 2018

After a clear night with a decent freeze it was ‘game-on’ again today for some wonderful spring skiing. It was forecast to warm up quicker today than yesterday so went weren’t sure how long we’d have but we skied right until 1 o’clock without any difficulties, although we did have some moments of fragility. We started off with variations of yesterday because it was so good (still in code-mode) and it was equally as good today, but the Manchet-side of the spring tour wasn’t as ‘clean’ today although it was still great skiing. After another ‘strategic’ but shorter coffee-break we skied the Cugnai, Col de la Madeleine and the top section of the Marmottes before cutting back to the piste to finish. Chris, Andreas, Thomas (who left on a three-day tour), Henry, Jerome and Dan-the-Man were all in action today and thoroughly enjoyed themselves with these brilliant spring conditions.

I’d like to wish Dick a big happy 70th birthday today and Dick’s 93-year-old mother has come out from England to help him celebrate. Dick is a local legend and a great guy and almost everyone has a story to two about Dick. And it’s also Simon’s 49th birthday today and we wish Simon all the best. Simon is skiing with me this week and he’s been a pleasure to have on the team. Don’t let John lead you astray tonight Simon!

Another sunny day is forecast again for tomorrow with even warmer temperatures. The avalanche risk today was 3 climbing to 4 and tomorrow will be much the same. It will be a question of in-and-out quickly and then perhaps heading somewhere not quite as steep as what we’ve been skiing. We’ll know more in the morning. Stay tuned!

And go Ghiselle! Ghiselle isn’t just going to plod along for five hours and be happy to just finish the marathon, she’s going to try to beat her personal best of 3-hours-and-28-minutes!

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