Smaller margins to play with today!

19 April 2018

It was a trickier day with tougher decisions after a lighter freeze and the temperature rising much quicker than the past two days. We moved everything along by between 30 to 40 minutes and were still just in time. After a couple of days in the Val d’Isere circuit it was time for a change of scenery and after a quick one in the Clochetons we headed to Tignes and skied the Sachette to the bottom, followed by Toothy Rock and a Familial to finish. We pulled out of the Tourne as it was too late and we finished a bit early today as we’d done all we could. It was a cracking morning but we need a seriously good freeze tonight to disperse the heat of the day so fingers crossed.

The ‘classic’ spring tour has now been done to death (part of the reason for going to Tignes today)and it’s a shame that people keep skiing various slopes too late and keep leaving deep ruts, holes, snow balls, and basically a very uneven surface in their wake for the next day. But, it’s like banging your head against the wall so I’ll stop now!

Blimey, we came incredibly close to have Simon and Jean seriously taken out on the seriously steep and icy Paquis piste into Tignes le Lac this morning. This 20-year-old went flying past us on the trail, fell and slid all the way down to the start of the big wall to the bottom. He then stood up and the next thing I knew he’d fallen again and went all the way to the bottom at a rate of knots. I thought to myself, “nice to have that jerk out of the way” and continued down the wall and the next thing I knew his Dad was sliding as well and just missed Jean before sliding over the tips of Simon’s ski, which knocked Simon over and he too was now sliding, and the Dad continued on all the way to the bottom at huge speed. Fortunately Simon stopped himself before he ended up going the distance as well. I used some terrible language on the Dad and all he could do is shrug his shoulders and say, “the mountain is here for all of us”! What a prick as almost killed Simon and pushed the right button to really wind me up!

And it was a really nice birthday celebration at Dick’s for Dick last night. It was great to see so many faces and I even managed to escape in one piece! And thanks to John and Margaret for dinner the other night. Don’t forget Friday night Margaret! Stay tuned!

PS And please keep those donations rolling in!

PPS Mike and Ritchie are playing on the terrace of the Salon de Fous tomorrow afternoon. It’s forecast to be sunny and the boys always put on a fantastic show. See you there!

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