Another very warm day!

20 April 2018

Margins were slim again today as we had another light freeze and a very warm day. Chris and I started off with the upper half of the Kern and although the skiing was excellent we were just on time. I then skied a brilliant run off the Chalet des Gardes (while Chris ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy) and then because the sunny-side of the mountain and lower altitudes had lost the freeze we headed for altitude and had two good runs off the Pays Desert.

Thomas returned from a three-day-two-night tour and is leaving again tomorrow to do the same tour with another team. He’ll ski some different itineraries because with the light freeze at night he’ll need to ski different routes to stay safe. Bravo Thomas and I’m looking forward to catching up at the Gourmandine in the morning.

Andreas and Ian had a fright the other day when this child who was filtered onto the lift with them passed out cold and they couldn’t wake him up. At one stage they thought the poor little person was dead and they phoned the rescue services from the lift. Eventually the child woke up as if nothing had happened and both Andreas and Ian were extremely relieved!

Another light freeze followed by a sunny day is forecast so stay tuned!

PS And thanks Paul for a great night out with the team at the Chardons last night!

PPS Only two more days to donate to the Brain Tumour Fund as Ghiselle will run the London Marathon for the Charity and in memory of her father Giles Green, who was a founding member of Alpine Experience 25-years ago. Giles died of a brain tumour in 1995 when Ghiselle was two-years-old and her sister Isadora wasn’t yet born.

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