Better freeze, more options!

21 April 2018

We had a slightly better freeze last night and after another day/night of the melt/freeze cycle the transformation was deeper and we had more options start to open up. My team skied the Kern, Chalet des Gardes, the L, bits-and-pieces off the Combe du Signal, the Pays Desert, and a variation of Oh My! to finish. Chris skied the Crete du Genepy before catching us up on the Glacier at the end of the morning while Thomas went off on another tour and Andreas had the day off.

I had the pleasure of skiing with Neil, who is a long-time friend of Henry’s and he loved being back in Val d’Isere after a long absence. Mike and Ritchie played with Karen last night at the Salon des Fous and they were fantastic, and afterwards I met John, Margaret, Richard and Clive in the Baraque for a couple of gin and tonics. It was John and Margaret’s last night so it was wonderful to see them before they go.

More sun is on the way tomorrow and we should have another terrific morning of skiing. Stay tuned!

Go Ghiselle! All the best tomorrow and we’ll all be thinking of you and your Dad. It starts at 10 UK time.

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