Well done Ghiselle!

22 April 2018

Bravo Ghiselle! She finished the London Marathon in 3:30:25 and raised £5,254! Ghiselle will be disappointed about not setting a personal best but it was a very hot day and she ran brilliantly and should be extremely proud of herself! Makes our excellent morning seem a little unimportant but we skied the Kern, Tour du Charvet, L, Pays Desert and a Chez Henry and-around-the-corner to finish.

I’m hoping for a point against the Gunners but they’ll be tough today with the festive mood surrounding Wenger’s great career and retirement. It’s going to be a difficult one.

Today really belongs to Ghiselle and her family and the memory of Giles. Stay tuned!

PS And good luck to Millie in her inter-clubs golf competition this afternoon!

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