Weak freeze but a magnificent ski!

23 April 2018

Well that turned out to be a high-quality morning with variation and ambience! After the weakest freeze of the week I wasn’t too sure what we’d be able to get away with but once on the snow our options opened up and we were treated to a fantastic ski. Henry and I started with a very good Kern as a tester and then I skied the meadows from the Borsat to the Grand Pres en-route to the Couloir du Mont Blanc while Henry headed to the Chalet des Gardes. The big slopes above the couloir were magnificent but we needed to side-slip the couloir. I’ve been eye-balling it for days and decided today was the day as I only had JP and Jean. Jean was extremely pleased we’d skied it as I’d given him the option of the Gardes or Mont Blanc and he decided we could deal with the couloir. Bravo Jean! We had a superb wildlife show in the Charvet as we spotted two Perdrix followed by a family of chamois. Being the first to pass by that way today we were able to get up close and personal and it all added to an already wonderful ambience as the steep slopes were ‘clean’ and ripened to perfection. Meanwhile Chris had headed straight for Mont Roup and they had a great ski as well before we all met up on the Glacier. The Pays Desert was excellent and had softened to perfection on all exposures so we knew going over the Col was an option and we all finished with a brilliant run down the Vallonnet before exiting towards the Torsai. (See photos)

Thomas had another successful two-night-three-day tour and Andreas is getting ready to head out on a tour in Italy with Pietro. Well done Thomas and good luck to Andreas and Pietro and fingers crossed for some decent weather and cold nights!

The weather looks set to turn so we might be in for a couple of difficult days but a few flakes of snow to tidy up the tracks would be welcome, although we don’t want any prolonged period of flat-light and warm overnight temperatures.

I’d like to thank all of you who contributed so generously towards Ghiselle’s London Marathon charity run. She raised £5,274 and all your contributions played a huge part in that total. Ghiselle and her family were touched by the number of ‘Alpine’ clients, both old and new who paid their respects to the memory of Giles, and Giles would have been extremely proud of both Ghiselle and her sister Isadora.

Stay tuned!

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