A weaker freeze than expected!

24 April 2018

After a totally stunning day yesterday I thought the overnight freeze was better than it was and was expecting more today. We started off with a tester on the Kern, which was negative as it was already soft and absolutely at the limit. That negative test put seeds of doubt in my mind about how low we could ski today and a few other tests made me play conservatively. I’ve been on fire lately making some tough and at times delicate decisions about where to ski and being spot-on for the most part but I didn’t ‘feel’ it today and ended up leaving the bottom third of the mountain alone for fear of finding ‘quick-snow’. After the Kern I decided against the Tour du Charvet or the Chalet des Gardes and skied the meadows from the Borsat towards the Grand Pres and then some excellent piste and down the Santons. Next up was a cracking run down the L before hiking up above the Col Poma to ski the steep slopes back down toward the Cascade and that was great skiing but nearing the limit as well. We then skied one on the Pays Desert, which has been good all week but it hadn’t softened at all and I was surprised at how firm it was. That told me that the Vallonnet would be hard as well but maybe still breaking through at the bottom so we skied some great piste back down and finished the morning with two very good runs way out in the Grand Vallon where we had lovely spring snow without needing to ski too low altitude-wise. I might have missed a trick (which I take personally!)not skiing lower down the mountain but the thought of breaking through in the bottom of the Charvet or over the Col wasn’t something I wanted to deal with and I’m hoping for a better freeze again tonight. Stay tuned!

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