Great snow, variety and ambience!

25 April 2018

As Rob Cochran would say, “we were cooking with gas!” this morning. We profited from a much better freeze and thoroughly enjoyed an absolutely brilliant morning of spring skiing with great variation and ambience. Henry and I started out with a lovely run on the lower half of the Face du Charvet, which was positive enough of us to ski the Clochetons from the first chair. I then walked up the Charvet ridge to access the sunny slopes leading down into the Tour du Charvet while Henry cut underneath. Henry was only skiing a couple of runs with Ginny so he went straight down and checked out the Couloir du Mont Blanc for us and with a positive result Thomas and I skied the fabulous slopes above the couloir and then exited through the Mont Blanc. Thanks Henry! From there Thomas and I continued on with a great run in the Cugnai, followed by a short walk to access the Col de la Madaleine, and then the Marmottons/Marmottes to finish off a stunning morning. Wow! Meanwhile Chris and Suzanne went on a family tour to the Col du Montet and had a great outing.

I ran into Pat and Jean Zimmer this morning along with Jean’s son Charles and had to take a photo of the three of them. I mentioned yesterday being a little tricky and Jean had exactly the same experience. He had an early test that was totally negative and didn’t ‘feel’ positive enough about the conditions to be too adventurous and ended up playing conservatively like we did. You always wonder while you’re playing cautious if you’re overdoing it but after speaking to several people who found ‘quick-snow’ yesterday because they were either too low or a little late made me feel that we actually did pretty well yesterday Jean!

I’m skiing with a new Finnish client named JP and he showed up with skis that are 110m’s underfoot and well above his head along with a massive helmet with a face and jaw protector. I took one look at him and wondered what I had on my hands. When he asked if I had any instructions for him I just said, “Behave!” Anyway, he’s a great guy, skis under control, is very pleasant company, and best of all is extremely appreciative. On the first morning he said, “I like this spring skiing. I like the engineering of it. I like the angles and the degrees, the changes of altitude and the timing, I like all the factors that go into getting it just right.” And today he called the search for perfect spring, “Intelligent skiing”. You can see why I’ve taken a liking to JP!

We may not get such a good freeze tonight but we’ll deal with that in the morning because I’ll keep buzzing about today for a little longer. Stay tuned!

And thanks for your help with my on-line declaration today Suzanne!

PS It was Jean’s last day of his season, as well as Thomas who has his 40th birthday weekend coming up with friends and family. It was a pleasure skiing with you Jean and Happy Birthday for Saturday Thomas. I hope my last day will be as good as yours!

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