Back in the UK

04 May 2018

I’m back in England after a long but pretty easy drive back on Wednesday. Paul came with me and we set off at 5AM and fortunately didn’t need our wipers until we arrived in England! We arrived in time to catch a train an hour earlier than booked so that was a nice bonus. I haven’t played any golf yet as my back feels a little vulnerable after all that time in the car so Millie and I will try to play nine-holes on Saturday. I’ve a board comp next Wednesday so I need to get practicing!

The planning has been printed so anyone with dates for next season can get in touch and David B is the first one in the planning, again!

I’ve made some corrections on the May 1st post as I wrote it in a hurry and made several mistakes.

I think it’s still possible to donate to Ghiselle’s Brain Tumour Trust Fund so please do if you haven’t already done so.

Have a great summer and stay tuned for periodic updates!

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