It was -18C at the top of the Funival this morning.....

11 February 2009

It was -18C at the top of the Funival this morning and with strong north wind blowing it was going to be a chilly one. Andreas ended up the only one working as Red Ray has succumbed to the dreaded ‘lurgy’ and Matt decided he had work to do so I had the morning off and went to Bourg with the girls. I felt human again for the first time in days after fighting off the ‘bug’ and have my appetite back so I’m ready and raring to go again tomorrow. I’m not too sure what Andreas and John D’s team skied this morning but I’m sure they had a good time as more lifts were open today and the light was decent. Bravo boys whatever you skied! I took Millie out for a couple of Funivals this afternoon and chapeau to you too Millie! Today’s racing was cancelled and hopefully they’ll have better luck tomorrow. The cold weather is set to continue for a few more days with little snow and enough wind to make the even the hardy seek the lee whenever possible.

PS Just heard that TJ and some mates did a sneaky Marmattons in the gullies then walked out this morning. Nice one TJ!

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