We endured another seriously cold day.....

12 February 2009

We endured another seriously cold day, but the wind had died down and it wasn’t unpleasant. We all headed to Tignes and skied some great snow in the Borsat, the Combe du Lanche, and off the Cairn and Genepy. I took a nasty ‘splat’ as I missed my navigation in the flat light by about ten metres and skied off a 3 metre cornice, landing like the ‘roadrunner’. Ugly! Anyway, we had the odd moment of good visibility, which help enormously and the snow was excellent all morning long. Ray made a miraculous recovery although he felt weak and really felt the cold. We passed Ness and Tansy on the piste having a great time in -18C temperatures. Good girl Ness! The animation in the streets was particularly good tonight and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the rock music with old favourites such as ‘Born to be Wild’ and ’Stairway to Heaven’. A similar day is forecast for tomorrow with sunshine on Saturday.

PS Boy, France and England were taught footballing lessons last night, n’est pas?

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