Bloody hell, it was cold again today!

14 February 2009

Bloody hell, it was cold again today! There is no doubt that we’ve enjoyed the best snow in 15 to 20 years, but it has also been the coldest winter in a long time. (Still, a little cold is a small price to pay for the snow quality we had this season.) Ray and I had a funky ski today starting with the Face du Charvet, followed by the Borsat en route to the Sachette. We decided to give the Familial a miss on the way home and skied piste to get back home to warmth sooner than later. TJ skied his last morning today with Andrew and Fiona and I’m not sure what he got up to although he was talking about the Cugnai. It’s been great having TJ back and to see him ski so well after the trauma his knee suffered. Bravo TJ! TJ also caught up with some of his great friends from his early days in Val d’Isere such as Russell, Delores and Jeff, Philip G, Charlie G, Min, and Olivier L to name a few. Thomas helped out today on the Woman’s Slalom, which was great from the comfort of the sofa this afternoon, and the rest of the boys had the day off. Our quiet period is thankfully coming to an end as the planning is starting to look better after a couple of very under-populated weeks. The cold weather will continue for another day or two and some more light snow is also on the horizon.

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