What a stunning day!

19 February 2009

What a stunning day! Radio Will announced -14C and we had clear blue skies and very little wind. Chris and I headed up to the Glacier Pers and it was absolutely brilliant. Besides being the first teams up the snow although not deep, was lovely and creamy top-to-bottom. In fact it was deeper and softer towards the bottom and we skied almost to the refuge before cutting out through the gorge. Then this afternoon I skied with Fergus and his Dad Eric again and we skied the Tour du Lechoir and retraced our route from this morning. Fergus was beaming as we left perfect ‘Alpine’ tracks and at the bottom he said, “isn’t snow a wonderful thing”. (It was definitely a statement, not a question!) I was very impressed that a 12-year-old could be so happy to walk as far as we did to gain access to the best un-tracked snow and then be so appreciative afterwards. Bravo Fergus and boy is Mum going to be jealous! Thomas, Andreas and Henry were all in action today although I don’t know what they skied. A similar day is forecast for tomorrow with slightly warmer temperatures.

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