I had a brilliant day off with the girls............

22 February 2009

I had a brilliant day off with the girls starting off with goodies from Chevallot for breakfast, followed by a ski, a lovely lunch, and some tobogganing. Meanwhile, after a bright start the clouds thickened and it snowed very lightly from about 10:30AM on. Depending on what forecast you listen to we may see as little as one centimetre (we’ve already had that) to as much as four cm’s tonight and another 10cm’s on Monday night. It’s not much but it would help enormously. On today’s skiing front Chris ’skinned’ up to Mont Roup and had a really good ski in decent light but unfortunately Henry and Andreas’ trip to Bonneval was cancelled because of the deteriorating visibility. They instead skied around the Pissaillas before skiing the Point Pers and I saw them in the street around 4PM on their way to ’whip’ each other Swedish-style in a sauna. Nice one boys! Anyway, fingers crossed for some snow tonight and stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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