The morning started off with a sea of cloud in the valley.......

23 February 2009

The morning started off with a sea of cloud in the valley with the chance of clear skies above 2500 metres and from the Rond Point the best chance of good visibility seemed to be towards Tignes. As it turned out the cloud level was higher than forecast but the Grande Motte itself was in sunshine so we all headed that way. Chris and I skied a nice run off the Leisse en route to a little ‘skin’ to the Petit Borsat West, which was very good. From there my team skied the big northern slope on the Balme for the ambience and the snow wasn’t too bad either. Andreas skied off the Genepy and Cairn and I’m not too sure where everyone ended up after that. Henry is busy with his ‘Hat’ clients and skied in Tignes as well. All in all, it was another good morning although only two or three centimetres fell last night. Light snow fell during the afternoon as we saw the best of the sun this morning, so hopefully a little more will accumulate before tomorrow morning. Last night’s dusting mixed with a little wind did help and another few centimetres would smoothen out enough of the mountain to give us some options. Sun is forecast for tomorrow and although it is much warmer there is still a chill in the air.

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