The forecast was for flat-light this morning......

02 March 2009

The forecast was for flat-light this morning and instead the skies cleared and we enjoyed blue sky and great visibility. The better light first thing was towards Tignes so the entire team headed that way as the Fornet was looking pretty murky. Andreas and Thomas (perhaps Henry as well) skied the Tour du Balme with Andreas finishing up with Mickey’s Ears and Thomas the Familial. Meanwhile Chris and I skied off the Leisse en-route to an excellent Borsat West and I went on to the North Face of the Balme and the Familial. Considering what we were expecting it was a really good morning and the few centimetres around the Motte made for a softer ‘feel’ and a really enjoyable ski. It clouded over this afternoon and has been snowing lightly off-and-on so better conditions are coming our way. Yahoo! I’d like to give Joe a mention and also say thank-you to Waga Waga Tim for the great vest. I’ve worn it most days and it’s a very useful and versatile bit of clothing. Thanks Tim! And Happy Birthday to my Mom Ruth, who turns 75-years-young today. Happy Birthday Mom and thanks for not only introducing me to skiing all those years ago, but actively encouraging me when some Mom’s might have wanted a son with a ‘proper’ job.

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