Another grey day was expected........

03 March 2009

Another grey day was expected and for the second day running we had stunning blue skies and all the joy that goes with sunshine. We headed up to the Fornet hoping that more snow had fallen that way as it has been socked-in and grey towards the Col de Galise, but thankfully I didn’t bet my apartment on it. Still, the Glacier Pers was lovely with a smooth base and a few centimetres on top, along with the ambience of such a beautiful place. Gill’s childhood friend Niki loved it as she’s never been to Val d’Isere before and it was her first time ’skinning’ as well. (Gill unfortunately missed the morning as Millie had a fever and couldn’t go to school) Pat M had a great day and skied really well picking up a ‘skier of the morning’ award. Well skied Pat! My Frenchman Olivier also thoroughly enjoyed himself as it was his first time as well in that area and first trip through the gorge. Andreas had the company of the ‘Green Team’ during his descent and Peter H had a right go at one of them for not only ‘track abuse’ but ‘track-ambience-and-mountain-abuse’ combined. Peter never was one to keep his opinions to himself, well done Pete! Anyway, on to this evening and the last torch-light descent of the season. Thanks to the World Championships the Face de Bellevarde had a few patches of ice that were incredibly slick, and I personally had a few hairy moments. The first was skiing down in the dark before ‘ignition’ and just as Andreas radioed to say, “Watch out, it’s icy down here”, I hit a plaque of ice and did a 360 degree spin and just managed to keep it together. Then just after we lit our flares I hit some ice and went down like a sack of s—t and had a little slide but thankfully didn’t go very far or burn myself. Good one to miss TJ! Then arriving at the bottom the unlucky ones (myself included) skied straight onto a patch of dirt and gravel lift behind by the World Championship’s construction/take-it-all-away team. It sort of wrecked my monthly ski tune I had a Jean Sports last night. Anyway, we all survived and are looking forward to more fun tomorrow!

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