The wind picked up overnight and we had similar conditions to yesterday

06 March 2009

The wind picked up overnight and we had similar conditions to yesterday, meaning flat-light. Andreas, Chris, Henry and Thomas all headed to the Fornet for a change of pace and had great skiing with limited visibility. I returned towards the Grande Motte and had really good skiing in the Borsat en-route to the Motte cable-car. Fortunately we had some sunshine upstairs giving us great visibility but the snow took some wind last night and was much more compact than yesterday, but it was still good skiing nonetheless. My best snow of the morning was in the Spatule where it was really deep and light, but unfortunately it was our flattest light of the day. C’est la vie! Meanwhile back at the Fornet Henry was getting some better luck light-wise in the Grand Vallon and reported deep snow and wonderful skiing. Andreas skied all-day as it was Bumble and Richard’s last day of their Honeymoon and they had some excellent runs in the Combe du Signal this afternoon. Andreas said he saw a Ski Club Rep (not allowed to ski off-piste with guests) groping around in the flat-light in the Combe du Signal. Andreas wasn’t impressed as the Ski Club seem to be skiing off-piste more and more with clients, as well teaching on-piste, which is another no-no. We may need to approach the Ski Club, along with some of the other ski schools and the Bureau des Guides, and put a stop to their shenanigans. Anyway, it remained overcast most of the afternoon, which is good news as the ‘track-trashing’ will have been kept to a minimum and we should have some excellent skiing tomorrow as better light is forecast.

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