It cleared overnight with -9C

08 March 2009

It cleared overnight with -9C and we had a stunning day with beautiful sunshine. Chris and I returned to the Fornet for another great ski starting off the Laisinant Chair followed by a superb Combe du Signal and then straight over the Col for an equally good Col Pers down to the refuge. We then skied another Combe du Signal and finished with an excellent Pays Desert way out wide. Near the refuge we spotted the body of an unfortunate chamois that had been taken over a cliff by an afternoon sluff, however we did manage to see some living creatures in the form of chamois and bouquetin later on. Thomas had an all-day session and started off Tignes-way with the Borsat and Chardonnet en-route to the Sache and he was planning on coming Fornet-way in the afternoon. It was Rob W’s 49th birthday today and what a wonderful way to celebrate with a fantastic morning of great snow and ambience. It was really nice to see Rob and his wife Louise, who answers to Squeeze, again and I look forward to skiing with them again soon. Jean R has returned and what a start for him, Inga was on good form, and what a finish for Richard H. It was Ray’s 80th morning of his season and Red is planning on staying until the end of the season unless someone offers him silly money to go back to work. Gill and Niki took Millie out of a big ski in Tignes this morning before a Chevallot lunch on the terrace. Jean Marc and Olivier had another successful trip touring in Norway and I’ll let you know where they are off to next. The forecast was for clouds rolling in and snow down to 600metres tonight but at 4PM there isn’t a cloud in the sky, but who knows?

Updated Update. Thomas had such a good time in Tignes he stayed there all afternoon as well, deciding that it was too far to track back to the Fornet. Good choice Thomas as the Fornet is totally tracked-out after this morning and you need to be ready to walk.

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